One Hour Smart Facelift

Can You Look 10 YEARS YOUNGER In Just 1 Hour?*


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The One Hour SMART Facelift

Experience the revolutionary procedure that everyone is talking about!

The One Hour SMART Facelift® provides the results of a full facelift without the downtime, side effects or cost traditionally associated with cosmetic surgery *

Photos of Actual SMART Facelift® Patients

Five Year Results…

More than 5 years have passed since this 53 year old woman had a One Hour SMART Facelift® with Dr. Summers. She remains delighted with the long lasting results that she obtained after her minimally invasive procedure*

Great for Men, too…

This gentleman had a One Hour SMART Facelift® with Dr. Summers. The procedure is great for men because there are no visible scars. He remains delighted with his results which have lasted over 4 years*

Ten Year Results…

Dr. Summers’ One Hour SMART Facelift® can be customized to work for anyone, as seen in this 58 year old woman. Now, more than 10 years after her One Hour SMART Facelift® she looks even younger than she did before the procedure*

Affordable Payment Options Available

Six Month Plan

Interest Free
  • Enjoy no interest payments when your balance is paid in full within 6 months.

Best Price Plan

Single Payment
  • Pay in full prior to the procedure and you will have the opportunity to save even more.

Low Monthly Plan

You Choose
  • Choose monthly payments as low as $120 and take your time to pay off the full balance.

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Your Award Winning Doctor

Dr. Adam Summers, M.D.

Dr. Adam Summers is the medical director and founder of the Maryland Plastic Surgery – Skin Care and Laser Center. The center is the first fully integrated medical spa, ambulatory surgery cosmetic surgery center, and skincare laser center in the region. Dr. Summers has published numerous papers, presented at national and internation meetings where he has won awards, has had his medical artwork work on display at the National Library of Medicine, and has received several grants for his innovative work in both reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Summers Accreditation
Dr. Adam Summers
Dr. Summers Accreditation

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One Hour Smart Facelift